14 juin 2010

unrestrained joy

smile, to sing songs of life, the dusty, open mind, so MBT Shoesnarrow-minded selfish fade; the free spirit flying, so

open-minded tolerance regression. Thus, a clear insight into the world is in the layers of your eyes open: blue

sky, white clouds, bridges, water ... ... unrestrained joy all the way past aromatic flowers will be stunning

in your nose to lingering side, gorgeous Nabi will be amazing to dance at your side.

smile, to sing the songs of life. Tears of grief for others flow; kind of soul for good hair; sympathy for the

unfortunate friend; caring, warm Honesty and trust are the desolate. Smiling we should use the power of a

smile, to take care of around around to probation, to affecting around until each face are not falling hang a


Yes, it is so, let us bring a smile to face all our lives. (Text: Madrid)

I have been silent, but can not find the right reason, right action, right ... ..., what can I do? Accustomed

to the previous way of life, accustomed to the former front of the computer in a daze, used to fill our minds

with all the blank, used to repeat the same story every day, but now everything has changed, I always thought

that time can erase the past that have It was thought that over time will gradually forget, originally thought

he could forget, if the previous way of life, perhaps I will not remember me, because I forgot all busy, but

now leisurely feeling born of mind miss more and more of the share of liberties with the recall we've gone

through the screen, recall the words we said well, recall that we have traveled together strangers on the

street, remembering that we ... .... ,

why these pictures always came back to me, I keep reminding myself to remember to forget to remember to forget

... ... ... ... I have not had to do, only to find yourself living temporarily forget one way, (the network? As

for my life I only when I network a pastime, the pursuit of comfort on the mind) busy so I do not have much

time to have occurred at all, thought this way of life over time time will be watered down, until now I only

know that I'm wrong, late at night unable to sleep a long time, the most is the dead of night, the thoughts

become so presumptuous, I would like you. Suddenly his eyes I think you do not know when it began to drizzle,

perfectly clear my face folder, leaving your world does not know if it's left? Before the beginning of

happiness may have been as deeply forgotten,Discount MBT Shoes every day I do not know how the tide of, but now ... ... now think

of you, but do not want to disturb your life, do not want their ... ..., Sometimes want to tell you the news

has written a conditioned reflex like me back to the trash in the recycle bin, like you have been silent while,

foolishly opened the previous recall, as if the story took place yesterday, someone asked me what happiness, if

the former I would say: Well actually I love you, you can love me, this is the well-being. But now my happiness

is in fact able to see your smile, this is my present happiness, was asked I think what a person is feeling, I

would say sweet sweet, but now like a person become an essential part of a daze, Ha ha.

early to get used to this life, but unable to end of life, press Enter, because I want only the so-called well

-being of our eyes, press Enter on the termination of the well-being docked, the next stop we can not achieve

happiness. "quietly walk you the good is much better than far red eyes did not even listen to you find that you

now change the look of your smile I still love this old road has not changed in the past been sunny every

passing thought we had in the past Tears began to spread on a little bit, "do not know when in love with this

picture," think of us before, I turned my face, not seen, hidden in the undercurrents have been more and more

obvious, than finished today , will not meet again, I'm afraid to wake up every day hello a few times, I kissed

your face, your hands in my shoulders, I feel so attached so sweet, when I close my eyes I can always see, all

will realize the promise of dishonesty, I kissed your face, though not by my side, I wish you getting on a bit,

feeling disconnected lines, I do not want to do break, just before going to bed again hear your words sweet

words honey, "do not know when this song has MBT Shoes Saledeep memories, used to turn off cell phones before going to sleep,

but now because of you I used to have to keep switched on,

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